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World class emergency care inspired by Quality Improvement, Innovation, Research and Education.


The Emergency Department (ED) of NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QEUH) is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to all of its patients.

Quality improvement, Innovation, Research and Education are the cornerstones around which we build our service.

EMQUIRE, Emergency Medicine Quality improvement, Innovation, Research and Education in the QEUH has been established to coordinate and support this activity, while raising the public profile of not only Emergency Medicine, but the QEUH and its ED.

The quintessence of this group will continually be world-class emergency care and patient satisfaction.

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Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement activity is a rich seam of activity within the QEUH ED. With a strong multidisciplinary focus staff are engaged in work from patient experience to management of traumatic brain injury. EM trainees are encouraged to complete their Quality Improvement Projects while in the ED providing a cycle of continuous improvement in care process. Our aim is to make health care safe, effective, patient-centred, timely, efficient and equitable.

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The EMQUIRE team are proud of their diverse educational activity.  An award winning undergraduate medical education program, which stands alongside our postgraduate medical education as the mainstay of our work.  A comprehensive Sim portfolio with an expanding in-situ component,  renowned ultrasound courses and a trauma clinical skills course form the bedrock of our expanding portfolio.  With several new courses in the pipeline, Emergency Medicine education is paramount to driving forward excellence in patient care.

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From multi-centre international trials to student led projects the EMQUIRE team are engaged in gathering evidence to transform health care delivery. Emergency Medicine research can be challenging but with a third of the population attending the ED each year generating huge amounts of data is an opportunity not to be missed.

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Devices, Data and Decisions. Optimising the clinical environment, workflow and quality of care by bringing teams of collaborators together. Demonstrating value from ideas and how to deploy, integrate and scale innovative ideas within the Emergency Department. Clinical decision support is a key workstream developing solutions to enhance the clinicians ability to deliver safe and timely care.

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Latest Posts

Demonstrating value from Ideas. Transforming healthcare requires developing successful collaborations with teams of experts from a multitude of disciplines to solve the seemingly intractable challenges healthcare. Data, decisions and devices and how these interface with the clinical space. Our team focus on fusing tacit expertise with predictive and descriptive analytics to develop clinical decision support solutions that effect change in the ED.

Research16 May 2020

EmQuire COVID Projects

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to unprecedented challenges to healthcare systems across the world. Enquire is contributing to NHS GGC response to this challenge across a range of projects. We have repurposed existing work streams including iCAIRD and TraumaApp with existing collaborators whilst building new relationships to develop solutions that can impact on care delivery. […]

Education26 Sep 2019

OCTS Trial Begins

OCTS (Outcomes following Chest Trauma Score) has begun in the QEUH ED!   This study aims to measure patient reported outcomes following rib fractures to optimise and improve care of this patient group. The patient will be asked to fill in a questionnaire at time of injury and two follow up questionnaires to assess how […]

Research2 Jun 2018

Introducing …. Nicola Baxter

Nicola was our first nurse appointed smashing the interview and rapidly getting a handle on the intricacies of clinical research in the ED. Her portfolio of studies includes She leads on Rapid-CTCA, Target-CTCA, SABER and Pro Teds