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Thales Thermography Triage


COVID-19 [SARS-COV-2] has placed a huge challenge on the world. In response to the crisis, Thales is engaged in a number of initiatives, including one aimed at the possible application of thermal imaging cameras to detect people with a fever and hence those who may be suffering from COVID-19. This initiative has received encouraging feedback from prospective users around the world who are looking, not only at the immediate issue in the hospitals, but also forward to a time beyond the current lockdowns, when cost effective techniques for surveying groups of people for potential COVID-19 sufferers will be required. This surveillance, for example, could be in hospitals, at airport gates, in buildings or outside in streets. As part of the initiative Thales Glasgow has been performing analysis and experiments using cameras looking at faces to confirm what temperature differences can be measured.


What Thales lacks is real world thermal images of patients suffering fever and access to clinicians who can advise on the medical aspects of the work. EmQuire has developed a feasibility study to explore the use of the technology within this application. Future validation and clinical evaluation studies will follow…

Research16 May 2020

EmQuire COVID Projects

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to unprecedented challenges to healthcare systems across the world. Enquire is contributing to NHS GGC response to this challenge across a range of projects. We have repurposed existing work streams including iCAIRD and TraumaApp with existing collaborators whilst building new relationships to develop solutions that can impact on care delivery. […]

Education26 Sep 2019

OCTS Trial Begins

OCTS (Outcomes following Chest Trauma Score) has begun in the QEUH ED!   This study aims to measure patient reported outcomes following rib fractures to optimise and improve care of this patient group. The patient will be asked to fill in a questionnaire at time of injury and two follow up questionnaires to assess how […]

Research2 Jun 2018

Introducing …. Nicola Baxter

Nicola was our first nurse appointed smashing the interview and rapidly getting a handle on the intricacies of clinical research in the ED. Her portfolio of studies includes She leads on Rapid-CTCA, Target-CTCA, SABER and Pro Teds

Research2 Jun 2018

Introducing .... Mark Wilson

Mark was appointed in June 2017 and has rapidly found his feet helping promote QEUH ED nurse engagement. His infectious enthusiasm and energy will be a huge asset to the team! He leads on Novel, Aerogen, RAMPP, Frontiers

Education2 Jan 2018

New Trauma Man

Introducing Dave the Trauma Man! The QEUH will become a Major Trauma Centre in 2019 as part of the Scottish Trauma Network. Dave is going to have a pretty tough year… in fact he is going to experience more car accidents, falls from height and industrial accidents than any other manikin in Scotland.